Insurance Management

This program in insurance management deals in the functioning and transforming insurance industry through the Read more

Social Work Management

This program in Social Work Management deals in the identification of underlying problems of a Read more

Real Estate Management

This program in Real Estate Management concerns itself with the study of the built environment Read more

Environmental Management

This program in Environmental Management revolves around the mitigation of the adverse effects of industrial Read more

School Management

This program in School Management deals in preparing students to become trained professionals in effectively Read more

Process Management

This specialization in process management deals in enhancing and simplifying an organization’s business processes by Read more

Account Management

This program in Account Management concerns itself with nurturing client relations in a post-sales scenario. Read more

Interior Design Management

In the Interior Design Management program, students will be fostered knowledge about the fundamentals of Read more

Import Management

GTIM is a proof that students do not need classroom teaching to become an expert. Read more