Total Quality Management

This specialization in Total Quality Management revolves around the formulation of customer-centered systems for continual Read more

Total Safety Management

This program in Total Safety Management concerns itself with the overall safety and security of Read more

Transport Management

This program in Transport Management teaches the usage of logistic platforms to assist businesses in Read more

Travel and Tourism Management

This program in Travel and Tourism management concerns itself with the multidisciplinary field of the Read more

Treasury Management

This program in treasury management deals in the assessment and management of all financial affairs Read more

Hospital Administration Management

This program in Hospital Management deals in teaching students the administrative and managerial skills required Read more

Entrepreneurship Management

A course in Entrepreneur Management will furnish students with a foundation to handle all parts Read more

Disaster Management

Natural calamity is never predicted, it is something one needs to be well prepared of. Read more

Foreign Trade Management

This specialization in Foreign Trade Management revolves around the exchange of services, goods, and capital Read more