Printing Technology refers to the extensive range of technologies needed to complete printing and graphic communication projects. Printing Technology is a branch of engineering that deals with the operation, design, and development of printing presses. It is an aspect of the mass communication process that requires a variety of
talents, including technological skills. Printing technology is a blend of scientific, technological, and creative abilities.

In India, there is a large demand for qualified printing professionals. Advertising agencies, newspapers/magazines, government presses, machine makers, packaging businesses, book printers, and even private commercial presses as technology consultants are all hiring printing technologists.

Printing Technology requires completion of a 10+2 with a recognized board from a recognized institute with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks. Printing Technology Subjects include Electrical Systems in Printing Machines
Quality, Management Electrical, Electronics Security, Printing Printing Process Typography and Typesetting.

GTIM is a distance learning institute of technology and management with the aim of grooming and educating the students digitally. We are an institute connecting students from all over the country and giving a boost to their careers by educating them through the various online programs available. At GTIM every technique for constructing
films for use with printing equipment, as well as the well-completed duties of cutting final works, is explained to the students. As a result, this course from GTIM provides an individual with the qualities and experiences that will help him in a variety of employment roles.

Printing Technology is a difficult course to complete since it is multidisciplinary, requiring students to study science, mathematics, mechanical, electrical, electronics, and chemical engineering, as well as computer science and management. The emphasis on a combination of managerial, administrative, and technological features of modern printing has been emphasized by printing technology. Printing in the fields of advertising, publishing, packaging, distribution, marketing, and development are among them.

Global Tech Institute Of Management provides a course on Printing Technology is an academic institution where Technical Education is united with sound, practical knowledge, As a result, GTIM provides its students with the qualities and experiences that will help them in a variety of employment roles. After completing the course, candidates have a variety of job opportunities.

Candidates who complete courses in this discipline can find work in magazines, newspapers, and advertising firms, as well as government and private publishing houses and teaching positions in colleges and universities. Students can work in the private sector, and some government-run publishing businesses hire graduates with a background in printing technology. They can work in the publication division as an editor, sub-editor, assistant sub-editor, associate editor, or assistant editor as a fresher. They can also serve as the production manager. The printing industry is one of the country’s fastest-growing industries. The number of job openings in this industry is
steadily increasing. This area offers promising chances to the deserving, but it also requires a lot of hard work and patience. In today’s media-driven environment, printing technology has a lot of potentials. Jobs in printing are not limited to the press sector.

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