GTIM is a distance learning institute of technology and management with the aim of grooming and educating the students digitally. We are an institute connecting students from all over the country and giving a boost to their career by educating them through the various online programs available.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration takes three years to complete. It is an undergraduate course that assists applicants in developing their entrepreneurial talents. BBA includes business-related and general education courses. Some BBA programmes allow students to specialise in marketing, finance, or human resource management. The BBA fosters entrepreneurship. The course covers the fundamentals of management, such as marketing, sales, and strategy management, as well as major aspects of finance and economics. In addition, the BBA degree teaches soft skills development such as business communication. A candidate’s skills obtained in a BBA programme will help them advance in their management job. GTIM is one of the best BBA institutes in Delhi NCR and provides the highest quality of academic facilities & infrastructure.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a completely professional degree that appeals to individuals who are serious about pursuing professions in business and management. After earning their BBA degrees, students can acquire jobs in good companies immediately away. When compared to other bachelor’s degrees, BBA holders have the highest employment rate.

BBA grads are substantially more likely than other bachelor’s degree holders to get work. They also receive better remuneration packages. A BBA degree will enable you to create a stronger network of professionals. The most significant benefit of this degree is that it allows you to begin your job much sooner. Organisational behaviour, basic management skills, business strategy, market trends and competition, financial accounting, legal regulatory framework, entrepreneurship development, international finance and marketing, capital management, e-commerce, communication, and so on are some of the core subjects taught in BBA courses.

With a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from GTIM, you can get a head start on your academic career. This is one of the most popular professional degrees for learning about management and business foundations. You can begin your job immediately after earning this degree, or you can utilise it as a stepping stone to a reputable MBA programme.
GTIM teaches you more than just business; it also teaches you how to develop your personality. The degree from GTIM prepares you to be a strong, self assured leader who can manage people and run a business. You are taught how to be a team leader as well as a competent team player.
GTIM being the best institute uses theoretical and practical abilities that a candidate learns in a BBA programme regularly as it helps open up more job opportunities when combined with work experience and technical knowledge.

BBA courses at GTIM are well-suited to training students in accordance with industry needs. GTIM and its team provide a combination of practical and academic knowledge that helps students to boost their market worth. Companies and startups are always on the search for BBA students since they are qualified to handle a wide range of tasks. As a result, a BBA student can gain experience in a variety of business tasks, such as marketing, sales, data
analysis, and strategy development, before determining what to do next.

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