Market Risk Management

This program in Market Risk management is designed to teach the identification, measurement, monitoring, and Read more

Marketing Management

This program in marketing management is concerned with teaching students how to plan and strategies Read more

Mass Communication

This program is completely practical learning. Mass communication helps you to develop great verbal skills Read more

Materials Management

This program in Materials Management deals in the management of raw materials for optimum production Read more

Media Management

This program in Media Management focuses on the planning, building, and seamless functioning of media Read more

Mutual Funds Management

This program in Mutual Funds Managements deals in the diversification of assets type through mutual Read more

Networking Management

This program in Network Management concerns itself with the demonstration of operation, administration, controlling, and Read more

Operations Management

This program in Operations Management concerns itself with designing, planning, directing, and improving activities to Read more

Packaging Management

The Packing Management program covers topics related to performance, training, and compliance solutions for the Read more