MBA V/s ME after Bachelors in Technical

The debate never comes to an end when it comes to choosing a single course between MBA & M.E.

Both the courses are valuable & have the capacity to ace your career. As, both qualification helps you to get well placed job. Both MBA & M.E. are of two-years duration. And at the end of two years, you will have a master’s degree in your hand. The major difference between both the courses is subjects. One purely technical whereas the other is purely managerial. But the scope that both the courses have in store are equal. Both are in high market demand.

Even in 2022, with the ongoing crisis and job cuts all around the world, none of courses have lost their charm or popularity. A master’s degree holder always has a better chance of getting a well-paid job in a reputed company and both MBA & M.E. being a professional course make your chances of being recruited into your dream job much higher.

MBA takes you towards journey of Business & Management. Whereas, ME takes you towards whole new pathway to explore boundaries of engineering or we can say technical field. After completing bachelors in technical field, if you want to continue with further studies in the technical field then M.E. is the answer for you. If your goal is to become renowned researcher in your field or to work as a senior manager in a reputed company, then M.E. will help you to achieve your goals. However, if you want to enter into the field of management or aim to become entrepreneur then MBA will be a perfect choice.

MBA covers various field such as.,

M.E. covers whole new field such as.,
∙Engineering Equipment

Career advancement after MBA would be, work in already established corporation, start-up your very own business, opt to work financial or banking firm. Whereas, after M.E. you can go for Doctorate or P.HD, Teacher or private or public sector employee.

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