Bachelor’s Program in Hotel Management

Bachelor’s Program in Hotel Management

Eligibility: SSC/DHM / Equivalent with Experience

Duration: 3 Years/ 6 Semesters

Total Fees: ₹35900

Course Details

Bachelor’s program in Hotel Management is a 3 year undergraduate program which focuses in distribution, strategy, finances, customer care , staff management and marketing. It is about constantly making necessary adjustments to run the enterprise smoothly. GTIM is offering a worldwide recognized bachelor’s degree in hotel management. Students are fully trained in this field with the right amount of knowledge and instructions for real life projects and challenges.


Advance Diploma Program in Business Management with specialization

ADBM – This is a full-time 1-year advanced level diploma program in Business Management studies.


Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration

BBA Is a three-year undergraduate course.


Bachelor’s Program in Business Management (WITH SPECIALIZATION)

This bachelor’s program is a three-year undergraduate degree course.


Masters Program In Business Administration (With Dual Specialization)

This Master’s program in Business Administration is suitable for those students who want to advance their careers in the fields of management, finance, and leadership.